Features, interviews, and news published in London, Barcelona, and Japan.
Pandemic beats: health and inequality. Main beats: science and technology.


Eliminating child food poverty. (RCPCH, London.)
The legacy of austerity and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Improving vaccination uptake rates. (RCPCH, London.)
Why the UK is falling short of WHO immunization targets.

Screen time and mental health. (RCPCH, London.)
Remote learning, social interactions, and rising inequality.

Undocumented children and healthcare. (RCPCH, London.)
Barriers to accessing healthcare within migrant communities.

COVID-19 and minority communities. (RCPCH, London.)
The impacts on children and young people.

“You’re all idiots”. (I Science, London.)
Reflections on a weekend at a flat earth convention.

Honeybees help save coral reefs?. (oist.jp, Japan.)
A surprising solution to coral bleaching events.

Adventures in sound. (Asahi Shimbun, Japan.)
The impact of noise on biodiversity, health, and culture.


Brief moments shared with interesting people.
For longer-form interviews, check out podcasting.

Erika Lust, Founder of Erika Lust Films. (Metropolitan, Barcelona.)
The feminist filmmaker reimagining adult entertainment.

Juan Arnau, CEO of Elrow. (Metropolitan, Barcelona.)
The boss behind a family cafe turned global clubbing empire.

Professor Sir Lord Robert Winston. (Felix, London.)
A conversation on science, society, and post-post-truth.


OIST a world leader according to new Nature Index. (oist.jp, Japan.)

Self-healing” layer brings solar technology closer to market. (oist.jp, Japan.)

New wave energy turbine installed on Okinawa shoreline. (oist.jp, Japan.)

BioAlchemy: decentralizing wastewater treatment. (oist.jp, Japan.)

Children with ADHD show increased punishment sensitivity. (oist.jp, Japan.)


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